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Solicitation Status Definitions

These codes show the stage of a solicitation.
A solicitation with an incomplete next step is always considered active.
On some reports, inactive solicitations are automatically omitted.


  • Prospect
    A potential donor has been suggested, but a solicitation is not yet planned.

  • Cultivate
    The prospect is being cultivated.

  • Conduit
    This person is a conduit to another prospect.

  • Planned
    The solicitation is planned, but has not yet been made.

  • Open
    A solicitation has been made and no definitive response has been proffered.

  • Affirmed
    The donor has expressed their intent to contribute or an unspecified amount without written assurance.


  • Pledged
    The donor has made a firm verbal commitment to contribute at a specific level.

  • Committed
    The donor has confirmed their pledge in writing.

  • Funded
    The pledge is fully paid. (For in-kind gifts, the merchandise or certificate has been received.)

  • Rejected
    The solicitation has been rejected.

  • Dormant
    The solicitation is presumed to be rejected, despite lack of response.

  • Supporting
    This is a request for material support of a solicitation of another target.

  • Hold
    The solicitation is on hold indefinitely. No further action to be taken.